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Welcome to Her Style Hair Studio. Specializing in Multi-cultural hair health and styling.  Color and chemical processing, weaving and extensions, natural hair services, On the edge cutting and finishing.  Also childrens styling.


Baby it's cold outside!!!

With the cold weather brings dry skin,scalp,and hair.  To keep your scalp and hair at its best, keep a light scalp oil handy such as Jojoba, or Argan oil.  These oils penetrate the scalp without over oiling the hair.  Vitamin E Oil is wonderful for both skin and scalp!!

Be sure to keep up with your scheduled trims (6-8 weeks) to continue to ensure healthy hair growth. By wearing jackets, hats and scarves our hair takes a little more of a beating at the ends.  With a healthy hair-care regimen between you and your stylist (me) we will make sure your hair is ready to tackle the winter and all it has to bring!


PS: * Don't forget your silk scarf, pillowcase, or bonnet**

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